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AECURN/ACRN Presentation and Discussion Panel

Tomorrow, 19th February, from 10am to 12pm we will host the second part of our AECURN Qld 2021 Symposium. We will have five panelists, Professor Susan Thompson, Ms Dyan Currie, and three Early Career Researchers who gave great presentations at our event on Tuesday: Abraham Leung, Anna McKinlay and Ayodeji Adeniyi. The broad theme, given […]

Final schedule for the AECURN 2021 Symposium

The final schedule for the AECURN ECR Presentations and Talks, and for the AECURN/ACRN Presentation and Discussion Panel is now confirmed!

Abstracts for the AECURN ECR Presentations and Talks

On 16th February 2021, between 9am and 12pm, the AECURN Qld 2021 Symposium will bring three presentations by Associate Professor Gemma Read, Dr Lavinia Poruschi and Dr Rachael Cole-Hawthorne (bios available here). Following up these presentations, 11 Queensland-based Urban Early Career Researchers will present their work. The full preliminary schedule is available here, and below […]

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