AECURN Queensland Research Symposium 2021

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the AECURN Queensland Research Symposium 2021 was hosted by the University of the Sunshine Coast, but delivered online. The videos are linked at the bottom of this page.

The Symposium happened over two days – 16th and 19th of February – and had ECR presentations on the first day and a discussion panel on the second day. For the ECR presentations we had the great insights of A/Professor Gemma Read, Dr Lavinia Poruschi, and Dr Rachael Cole-Hawthorne. The three best papers from the ECR presentations were invited to join the panel on Friday, and they were Abraham Leung, Anna McKinlay and Ayodeji Adeniyi. Their abstracts are available here, along with the abstract of all other presentations.

On the second session we had Professor Susan Thompson and Ms Dyan Currie discussing current urban challenges, including COVID-19.

The full profile of the invited panelists and presenters is available here.

Below are some statements participants shared and some screenshots from the day.

“The symposium had really interesting speakers and some highly engaged non-speaking participants. Such events are a good reminder of the diversity of research interests and the amazing range of solutions being sought for contemporary problems.” (Ian McNicol)

“The event is helpful for connecting with other scholars and sharing ongoing research. It would be better if the event could have a face-to-face meeting in the event. I hope the impact of the pandemic will be gone next.” (Jiawei Fu)

“The Queensland AECURN Symposium was a wonderful event, with a great line-up of professional researchers, ECRs and urban practitioners. It was great opportunity to hear about the diverse range of work other urban researchers are engaged in across Queensland. Looking forward to the next one!” (Ryan McNeilly Smith)

AECURN Symposium (recording)

16th February 2021


Invited Speaker, A/Prof Gemma Read

Invited Speaker, Dr Lavinia Poruschi

Invited Speaker, Dr Rachael Cole-Hawthorne

ACRN Panel (recording)

19th February 2021


Keynote, Professor Susan Thompson

Keynote, Ms Dyan Currie