AECURN/ACRN Presentation and Discussion Panel

Tomorrow, 19th February, from 10am to 12pm we will host the second part of our AECURN Qld 2021 Symposium.

We will have five panelists, Professor Susan Thompson, Ms Dyan Currie, and three Early Career Researchers who gave great presentations at our event on Tuesday: Abraham Leung, Anna McKinlay and Ayodeji Adeniyi.

The broad theme, given the COVID pandemic, is “Cities, Health and Resilience” and Professor Susan Thompson will give 35 minute presentation on Health Support for Planet and People: Achievements, Challenges and Optimistic Aspirations, before we open for the panel discussion.

Professor Thompson’s abstract for the presentation is below.

Healthy cities have never been more important and more challenging! Not only are we deep in the midst of a global pandemic crisis, chronic non-communicable diseases continue to plague populations across all nations. Our planet, upon which all life ultimately depends, is struggling to keep healthy through resource depletion, biodiversity annihilation, and climate change. Built environment professionals and those from health and medicine are all implicated in this dire situation. But there is reason for optimism! We have made progress designing, planning and managing cities that support people being healthy on a sustainable planet. I will talk about achievements in this field and the ongoing challenges that we face, concluding with a call for optimism in shaping future aspirations and advocacy from young urban research professionals and educators.

Registrations are open here.

Heading photo by Alice Duffield on Unsplash


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